Issa Rae’s Series ‘Rap Sh!t’ Impacted By Writers And Actors’ Strike


It seems that the WGA + SAG/AFTRA strike is disrupting a lot of America’s favorite shows from running another season in its usual time.

One show, that got raved reviews in its first season was Issa Rae’s new show “Rap Sh!t,” according to Billboard.

In a recent update, the eagerly anticipated second season of the show has seen a three-month delay in its premiere schedule. Initially earmarked for an August 10 unveiling, fans will now have to mark their calendars for November 9 as the new debut date for the first two episodes on Max.

The show is supposed to be popping this season. According to a press release, the characters, Shawna (played by Aida Osman) and Mia (KaMillion), fulfilled their wildest dream to become Miami’s hottest new rap duo.

At the same time, the two seemed to “find themselves at a pivotal moment in their rap career as they are forced to decide if they will stay true to themselves or conform to the demands of the music industry.”

The second season is set to wrap up on December 21.

The SAG/AFTRA joined the strike on July 14 and it just put a halt on everything.

The old adage says, no monkey can stop a show… but a rodent at a picket line can.

Actors are not only prohibited from acting but also from promoting the show. That means dates that were lined up at ComiCon/conventions/fan expos, interviews, for your consideration events, awards shows, press tours, personal appearances, junkets, podcasts, social media, panels or premieres/screenings.

Even with the delays, fans are still anticipating the show and hopefully will help it continue its success.