J. Cole Says Drake Put His Ego Aside On “First Person Shooter,” Dismisses Joe Budden’s Critique


When Drake tapped J. Cole for the For All The Dogs standout track “First Person Shooter,” many said the OVO honcho allowed the Dreamville Records founder to out-rap him. 

Joe Budden was among the critics, citing the song as “a big part of what my overall issue is with Drake.” He also implied Cole lined Drake up, intending to get the better of him with his verse.  

“That’s not your man,” he declared on Episode 664 of The Joe Budden Podcast. “I hate to tell you rappers, [but] these are not your mans. That is a trained assassin! A murderer! A killer of all kinds. He has been on a spree, a murdering spree. Killing all of our favorites, like one by one, lining them up. He was waiting for you.” 

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Lil Yachty, who recently collaborated with J. Cole on “The Secret Recipe,” asked him about Budden’s criticism during the latest episode of Yachty’s  A Safe Place podcast.  

The “Poland” hitmaker said he felt like Joe Budden had a “a personal vendetta towards Drake,” leading him to say things like “Oh, Drake got washed.” 

However, Cole dismissed Budden’s comments, claiming that artists control the narrative.  

“The specific incident you’re talking about, that’s a whole different conversation,” Cole said. “But, in general, do I think the online media is a problem or do I think they’re a part of the problem? No, I don’t actually. I think music is the leader. The artists lead the conversation. [Journalists] can spin it a certain way, but ultimately we lead the conversation.” 

J. Cole Says Drake Put His Ego Aside On Their Collaboration

Cole also said that Drake wasn’t concerned with outshining him on “First Person Shooter,” and put his ego aside for the benefit of the track.  

“In that moment, [Drake] chose the song over the competition and what they  gonna say,” he continued. “And that takes a level of egolessness that’s… you’re putting your ego to the side and like, ‘Yo, I wanna make the best song.” 

Seemingly responding to Joe Budden’s claims, he added, “Drake ain’t looking at it like, ‘I’ma take Cole’s f#####’ head off at some point.’ Nah.” 

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