Jack Harlow and Big Sean Team Up on ‘Way Out’


Ahead of his album release on Friday, Jack Harlow teams up with Big Sean on his new single “Way Out.”

Over the flute-driven instrumental, produced by JetsonMade, Jasper Harris, and Heavy Mellow, the “WHATS POPPIN” rapper boasts about his baddies in different cities, while Sean Don reminisces about his ex.

Speaking with Apple Music, Harlow praised the Detroit rapper, while revealing how the collaboration came together. “He smacked me. He did it right in front of me. He did it right in front of me and he killed it. No booth, big dog,” he said.

They met for the first time at Sean’s house in L.A. “He invited me in the house and I think the barrier that you could have just was broke down immediately,” added Harlow. “He’s one of those down-to-earth cats. We just started talking about life. He was giving me gems. He’s been in the game for so long now. He’s experienced it. He knows what it’s like. So he was giving me game bro, and just saluting me. And honestly, probably one of the nicest rappers I’ve ever met, if not the nicest.”

In addition to Sean, Harlow says there are “a lot of great features” on his debut album Thats What They All Say, which arrives Friday. “I tried to cover all my bases, and I tried not to have any songs identical to one another. I didn’t want two of a kind of anything,” he explained. “So I really showed a lot of range on here. I worked with a lot of producers. There’s a lot of flavors, but more than anything, I do believe this album is timeless. And I think it will timestamp this moment. And people are going to remember this album and live with it for years to come.”

Watch the video below.