Jack Harlow Defends Lil Nas X Against His Haters: ‘Fuck’s Wrong With You?’


Jack Harlow had a few choice words for Lil Nas X haters during his appearance on the Grammys red carpet on Sunday (April 3).

While walking along the red carpet, Jack was asked by Laverne Cox about his Lil Nas X Grammy-nominated collaboration “Industry Baby,” which both parties were gearing up to perform later that night. Jack had nothing but good things to say about his co-star.

“I’m grateful to him, you know?” the “Nail Tech” rapper told Cox. “I’m performing with him tonight. It was a collaboration but you know I owe him a lot for this moment so I love him for that.”

The former Orange Is The New Black star then asked Jack for his response to those who have criticized Lil Nas X’s homosexuality.

“Wake the fuck up. Fuck’s wrong with you?” he said. “It’s ridiculous. Yeah, I mean he’s trailblazing a path that you know, it’s sad it has to be trailblazed, but I think it’s amazing. He’s innovating the game and it’s fresh, it’s powerful and it’s necessary you know? So, I love it.”

Lil Nas X had been nominated for five Grammys but ultimately lost all of them. He took to Twitter after the awards to jokingly declare he was no longer gay in the wake of his losses. “Industry Baby” had been up for Best Melodic Rap Performance but ultimately lost to Ye’s “Hurricane” with Lil Baby and The Weeknd. 

“Can’t believe I lost all my grammys,” he tweeted out. “I am no longer gay!”

As for Jack Harlow and the Montero star, the pair gave a rambunctious performance of the track, drawing criticism online after they briefly simulated penis play onstage together.

Watch that moment below.