Jack Harlow Indulges Troll Who Claimed He Was Fined $1M For Not Censoring ‘Semen’ Lyric


Columbus, OH – Jack Harlow‘s performance on ESPN’s College GameDay this weekend was met online by a troll who tried to highlight the rapper omitting a particular lyric for Disney audiences.

Harlow was the college football show’s first celebrity guest of the new season and on a circular stage, he performed his Billboard No. 1 hit “First Class” in front of students and fans at Ohio State University.

Although he kept the lyrics tame since he was on network TV, Twitter user @S_CharlesNFL caught Harlow’s attention with an obvious fake tweet about the performance.

“Jack Harlow has been fined $1 Million following his performance of ‘First Class’ on College GameDay,” the tweet read. “ESPN states that his lyric of ‘I give her sweet, sweet, Semen’ was extremely unprofessional for live TV, and he had signed off on blurring that lyric out of his performance.”

Harlow retweeted the tweet, even though a fan pointed out that Harlow quite clearly censored the lyric when it came to the song.

Harlow’s time on ESPN was a memorable one. After his performance, the Generation Now rapper sat at the desk with the GameDay hosts and gave his predictions for the games on Saturday (September 3), offering an anecdote on how he dated a woman from Cincinnati and it led to his reasoning for picking the Bearcats vs. the University of Arkansas.

The Kentucky rapper has been spending plenty of time on network TV in recent weeks. He hosted the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards alongside Nicki Minaj and LL COOL J and took home four awards, including the fan-decided category of Song of the Summer. However, Harlow’s win irked a few people, namely Nigerian hitmaker Burna Boy.

Although he wasn’t nominated, Burna posted a TikTok video showing several people dancing to his Toni Braxton-sampled “Last Last” single. The video was coupled with a message reading: “When MTV says Jack Harlow has Song of the Summer.”

The dancehall star added in the caption: “Wow so many heartbroken people [sad face emoji] #LastLast #Songofthesummer.