Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio Unite for New ‘Karate Kid’ Movie


Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio have announced that they’re back in action for a sixth Karate Kid installment.

On Tuesday, the duo shared that they’re looking for a new teen protagonist. Macchio, 62, was cast as 15-year-old Daniel LaRusso in the first Karate Kid, while Chan, 69, succeeded the late Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi) as Mr. Han in the 2010 remake opposite Jaden Smith.

“We’re starring in a new Karate Kid movie together,” Macchio said in a clip for the Karate Kid announcement.

“That’s big news, but we even have bigger news,” Chan continued. “We’re looking for the next Karate Kid.”

“That’s right — the global search for the star of our new film starts right now. So let’s wax on, wax off, everybody,” Macchio added, quoting Mr. Miyagi’s iconic line.

The search begins for the next ‘Karate Kid,’ who will succeed Smith, but the franchise has already landed Jonathan Entwistle as director and Dec. 13, 2024, as its scheduled release date. In the original film, LaRusso (Macchio) is a bullied teenager who learns how to defend himself with karate lessons and guidance from Mr. Miyagi.

Macchio reprised his character, albeit 35 years older, in the Netflix comedy-drama Cobra Kai, where he faced off with longtime rival Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). Prior to Cobra Kai, five Karate Kid films were made along with a one-season animated series that aired on NBC. Per Variety, the movie series earned more than $430 million globally.