Jadakiss Wows Internet With Aerial Gymnastics In Unconventional Outfit


Jadakiss is no slouch in the gym and is ready to show off his athletic prowess at any time, even when he’s fully kitted out in winter gear. 

The Lox member is going viral after sharing a video demonstration of his gymnast skills. Jadakiss took to Instagram on Tuesday (December 29) with a video from the gym. Despite being dressed for the chilly New York City weather, donning a knee-length Puffa jacket and hoodie, Kiss was prepared.  

He expertly grabbed onto the gymnastic rings before performing an impressive aerial stunt. 

It’s not the first time Jadakiss has gone viral for his impressive yet unconventional workouts. He flexed his upper body strength to do some pull-ups on New York City scaffolding while donning a pair of Timbs.

Jadakiss takes his health and workouts seriously and believes staying fit is essential to enjoying a happy life. 

In 2021, Jadakiss joined Lil Cease for a workout and declared, “healthy is gangsta,” during an episode of the Junior M.A.F.I.A. rapper’s Facebook Watch show. 

“Everybody want to be tough guys and this and that, and rich,” Jadakiss explained. “If you not healthy, you can’t be alive to spend your money. If you not healthy, you can’t enjoy the party, you can’t enjoy the perks of life, you won’t be here to see your kids graduate, to see ’em score they first touchdown, to see things like that. So health is more important than anything.”