Jake Paul Says Drake Will Lose $250,000 Bet Using Gruesome Image Of Nate Diaz


Jake Paul, the YouTuber-turned-boxer, has issued a stark warning to rap superstar Drake about his $250,000 wager on Nate Diaz.


Drake has placed this staggering bet on Diaz, the former UFC lightweight title challenger, to hand Paul his second successive loss. If Drake is correct, he will rake in a cool $1 million. However, Paul has confidently stated that he will thwart Drake’s bet.

Paul made his intentions clear through a mock-up poster on his Instagram page, where he is seen holding a gruesomely depicted severed and bruised head of Diaz.

The caption read, “Drake losing his bet.” This bold statement came after a heated face-off between Paul and Diaz at Friday’s weigh-ins, where Diaz was so fired up he even tried to kick Paul.

In his final pre-fight interview, Paul expressed his determination to win, stating that he plans to “dog walk” Diaz.

“[I’m in] 100%, best shape of my life, feeling amazing. Brought in a whole entire new team, strength and conditioning, nutritionist, head coach, all of that, and I’m feeling good,” Jake Paul said. “You know, and when I’m in a shape like this, when I have the proper time to prepare, you’re going to see a different version, the best version of Jake Paul you’ve ever seen.”

“He’s gonna come in, swing and doing the dumb s### that he does. I’m gonna weather the storm and knock him the f### out. He’s never been hit by someone like me. I promise you that. That’s why I keep putting these UFC champs to the canvas.”

On the other hand, Diaz, who is making his professional boxing debut since leaving the UFC, confidently stated that no matter how the fight goes, Paul can’t really fight.

“Can you accept my offer to fight in MMA? You’re acting like a b#### still. I have $10 million dollars for you in MMA and you still haven’t accepted it. After I f### you up in boxing, I’m coming to MMA and I’m f###### you up worse. I’ma choke your f###### ass out. Accept the offer, b####. But you won’t. You won’t accept the offer.”

The much-anticipated boxing bout between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz is scheduled for Saturday at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, with the pay-per-view event kicking off at 8 p.m. ET.

The main event, featuring Paul and Diaz, is expected to commence around 11 p.m. ET.

Fans can tune in to DAZN or ESPN+, where the fight card, including the co-headlined match between Amanda Serrano and Heather Hardy, is available for $59.99.