Picture of Jamella Jè Ping Me For Location

Jameella Jè’s “Ping Me For Location” Resonates With Self-Love & Unapologetic Success


Jameella Jè shares the heartfelt inspiration behind her latest release, “Ping Me For Location.”  The uplifting track represents a significant milestone in her career, symbolized by the unforgettable sight of her name shining brightly on billboards in the iconic Times Square. This extraordinary achievement served as a catalyst, propelling her to fully embrace her accomplishments and appreciate her true worth.

Through the powerful message of “Ping Me For Location,” Jameella Jè aspires to ignite self-love and empower her audience to embrace their achievements wholeheartedly. Her intention is to convey that when individuals genuinely believe in their own worth, it radiates outward, commanding the respect they deserve. The artist passionately urges her listeners not to downplay their greatness to appease others but instead to embrace their individuality without seeking external validation.

“Ping Me For Location” signifies ’s artistic evolution, embodying her distinctive sound and style. Jameella has transitioned from imitation to self-expression, forging a path that inspires others. Following in the footsteps of Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson, Meiway, Dada KD, Bob Marley, and Sade, the singer draws from their mastery of wordplay and storytelling. Their music drives her creative process, resulting in thought-provoking lyrics that invite listeners to interpret her songs from various perspectives.

Jameella’s music is shaped by the vibrant influences of New York, Los Angeles, and her homeland. The confident energy of the Big Apple, along with the free-spirited exploration of sounds in LA, contribute to her unique style. Ghana, as the root of her music, influences the intricate melodies and instrumentations. With “Ping Me For Location,” Jè forges her own path in the industry, spreading messages of inner strength and confidence, while staying true to her authentic self and embracing growth along the way.

Listen to “Ping Me For Location” below: