Jim Jones Hosts Back To School Giveaway In Harlem: ‘Only Here To Be An Inspiration’


Harlem, NY – Jim Jones helped children in his hometown of Harlem, New York get ready for school with a special giveaway event on Sunday (August 28).

The Diplomats member and his team took over PS 208 Alaine Locke School on 111th street between Fifth and Lenox Avenues for a back-to-school event that provided kids with free book bags, school supplies, sneakers, clothes, raffled laptops and more.

Guests in attendance were treated to free food, a dance contest and a basketball shootout competition with prize money. Capo’s giveaway received support from sponsors such as PCNY and Papa John’s.

“We giving back … We always do good when we in the hood,” Jones said in a video posted to Instagram. “Today’s give back day. We got book bags, school supplies, notebooks, everything. We got food out here, DJs, dance contest, you name it. Pull up, we on 111th and 112th between 5th and Lenox, the school yard right across the street from the projects where we grew up, on the same block I grew up.”

He continued: “Only here to be an inspiration, nothing else. So all that shit y’all be talking about, ‘Why he always in the hood?’ ‘Cause these kids need something good to look at. They need to know there’s people that came out the same situations they in and made it out of this shit, you heard?”


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In the caption of his Instagram post, Jim Jones reiterated his point about being a source of inspiration for his neighborhood. According to Capo, seeing all the smiles on children’s faces and everyone having a good time was priceless for him.

“As long as I have breath in me I’m always gone give back,” he wrote. “Today was a beautiful day in Harlem I seeen a lot of smiles on these kids faces Thts priceless to me. I’m a reflection of my community and a product of my environment.”

The 46-year-old has a big heart when it comes to the youth of Harlem, even when he’s questioning their fashion choices. Last month, Jones posted a video ridiculing a young Harlemite for layering up in summer weather.

“It’s 100 [degrees] today and this n-gga got on jeans, a hoodie, a Pooh Shiesty and the fitted,” he said while filming the guy’s outfit. “You colder than ice, n-gga. You the coldest n-gga I know. Call this n-gga too cool for school. Ice in his shoes this n-gga so cold. This n-gga is out his rabid ass mind is what this n-gga is.”