Joe Budden and Jay Electronica Beef Over ‘A Written Testimony’


Joe Budden and Jay Electronica are at war.

The rapper-turned-podcast host weighed in on the Roc Nation MC’s long-awaited debut A Written Testimony on a recent episode of his “Joe Budden Podcast.” The album, which arrived Friday, features JAY-Z on a bulk of the 10 tracks. According to Budden, it wasn’t a smart decision to include the “best rapper in the world.”

“It is a mistake,” Joe said of Hov’s strong presence. “As a rapper, I’m telling you, [Jay Electronica] got smacked around [by JAY-Z].”

He added, “This is hate, but it’s rapper hate because, when y’all move the goalpost, as a rapper, I see it. And for the last decade, y’all have mentioned Jay Elec with Hov. And Jay Elec positioned himself that way on arguably one of the greatest tracks ever with ‘Exhibit C.’ That is God-level rhyming.”

A fan alerted Jay Elec to Budden’s criticism before he responded with a meme of DaBaby saying “Fuck it” and tagged Budden’s co-host Rory.

Shortly after, Budden responded to Jay Electronica. “I never got absolutely mopped around on my own project either… @ me, not Rory,” he said.

Jay Elec fired back by insulting Budden’s catalog. “i never heard your albums bro. may Allah bless your career as a journalist,” he tweeted.

Budden returned with another dig, saying that he removed all of Electronica’s verses and turned the project into a JAY-Z mixtape. “I took you off yours & it’s a Hov mixtape now… Peace be unto you as well King,” he added.

Jay Electronica responded by telling Budden that he should thank him for giving him something to talk about for his next podcast episode. “make sure yall give me my credit for lighting up that next podcast episode too. #DrakeIsMySpiritAnimal,” he wrote.

A Written Testimony finally arrived Friday after a 13-year delay. The project, which has been receiving critical acclaim, is expected to debut with 25-28,000 equivalent album units.