Jonathan Majors Featured in ‘Loki’ Season 2 Trailer Following Abuse Allegations


As expected, Jonathan Majors appears in the new trailer for Loki as a Kang the Conqueror variant by the name of Victor Timely.

Across nearly two and a half minutes, fans of the series are given a glimpse at what to expect this time around, including an urgent warning that there is “nothing to stand between this world and utter destruction.”

Deeper into the trailer, Majors’ character appears, saying, “Make the hard choice.”

Loki, led by Tom Hiddleston in the title role, is set to launch its second season on Disney+ on Oct. 6. Notably, Oscar-winning Everything Everywhere All at Once actor Ke Huy Quan is prominently featured in the new trailer. The peek also features “really good pie,” a ponderance on “playing god,” and more.

Majors’ appearance in the trailer follows domestic violence allegations against the actor, which were followed by reports that he had been dropped from several upcoming projects. Last month, per the Associated Press, an August start date was scheduled for a trial in which the actor faces multiple charges including misdemeanor assault. 

Also in June, Majors was reported to have filed a counter-complaint against the woman in the case. The actor, whose representative has repeatedly denied the allegations, has also faced additional accusations apart from the Manhattan case.

“From the beginning, we have said Jonathan Majors is innocent and provably the victim here,” Priya Chaudhry, Majors’ lawyer, said in a recent statement. At the time, Majors’ rep was speaking out in response to coverage regarding a meeting between the actor and New York police about evidence they allege shows “what really happened on that night.”