Joyner Lucas Apologizes To Machine Gun Kelly For ‘Lame’ Lollapalooza Diss


Joyner Lucas had some words for Machine Gun Kelly during a Twitter rant aimed at the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago, Illinois. The “Your Heart” rapper was angry that festival organizers would put him on a list with MGK.

After a few days of cooling down, Lucas is apologizing for calling his peer a “goofy ass n-gga.” On Saturday (March 26), Joyner Lucas hopped on Twitter to own up to his ill-advised rant and explain MGK had nothing to do with the situation.

“Part of being a man is admitting when you fucked up,” Lucas tweeted. “I be getting frustrated when I feel like I’m the underdog all the time. Maybe I ain’t put in enuff work. maybe I think I’m a bigger artist than what I actually am. Maybe you right. I own that. Real n-gga shit.”

He continued, “As far as the @machinegunkelly shit Goes,, homie ain’t have nothing to do with my rant. Jus got caught in the cross fire of one of my bitter moments. Def sum sucka shit to come at him for nothin. I own that & I apologize. Real nigga shit. I ain’t perfect. Im growing everyday.

“Lot of artists or people in general are afraid of checking themselves. I check myself all the time. I cant throw a Tantrum and shoot at n-ggaz for nothin. @machinegunkelly did absolutely nothin to me to deserve that lame tweet. If u readin this, I apologize dog. real n-gga shit.”

The commotion behind this drama started when Joyner Lucas got upset with his placement on the Lolapalooza lineup. The rapper wasn’t trying to be associated with artists he felt were mediocre compared to him and his body of work.

“These festivals is gon stop playing with me like I ain’t that n-gga,” Joyner wrote. “Putting my name next to the names of a bunch of random niggaz that nobody heard of and offering me a weak ass. Then I say no to the offer and these hoe ass niggaz put me on the flier anyways. @lollapalooza.”

He added, “Then you got this goofy ass nigga headlining?” he added along with a photo of MGK. Smh how sway?”

Lucas tried to do damage control and blame the rant on Russian hackers hijacking his page, but fans were already dragging him through the mud. MGK hasn’t responded to any of the comments as of press time.