K Camp Texted André 3000’s Assistant EVERY DAY Asking For A Feature At 16 Years Old


Long before striking gold with “Cut Her Off” and signing a deal with Interscope Records, K Camp was trying to break into the music industry via André 3000’s assistant. Speaking to HipHopDX, the Atlanta-raised rapper revealed that when he was a kid, he managed to get hold of her number and sent text messages every day in attempt to collaborate with the Outkast legend.

“I seen André 3000 one time in my life at a movie premiere in Atlantic Station,” he said. “I forgot what fucking movie it was, but it was one time, and that was the last time I ever seen André. I said, ‘Hi, wassup.’ I remember when I was still in my mama’s basement, bro. I think I was like 16/17, I had got André 3000’s assistant’s number. I don’t know how the fuck I got it, but I was texting her ass almost every day. Back then I’m recording bullshit. I’m like, ‘Aye André, get on this.’ I was trying everything in my power to get a feature from André, but she was like, ‘No, no.’”

He continued, “She was replying though. To this day, I wish I could find out who that lady was, because she was actually like, ‘Nah, it ain’t happening.’ She ain’t even give me hope, she was just like, ‘At this moment…’ Shout out to her. She probably doesn’t even know it was me. But I used to text that phone though… that was the closest I got to André.”

During a 2014 interview with The Fader, André 3000 praised K Camp for the emotion in his platinum “Cut Her Off” single featuring 2 Chainz.

“To make it seem like it’s nothing, ‘It ain’t nothin’ to cut that bitch off.’ And I mean, I can’t speak for K Camp personally—but as a whole, you’re always gonna have that armor,” he said at the time. “It’s really armor. And ‘Cut Her Off’ is a great song because it’s an emotion, and he’s being true about it in that moment, and it sounds great. K Camp really got down last year.”

Revisit “Cut Her Off” below.