Kai Cenat Invites Zendaya Lookalike to Join Him for Twitch Stream


While Cenat didn’t get the real Zendaya on his show, he has had other actual celebrities. In late September, Offset hung out with Cenat for a 24-hour stream. The rapper later thanked Cenat in a note, telling him, “I had the most fun in a very longtime this weekend.”

The 21-year-old’s accolades don’t stop there. Drake referenced Cenat on the For All the Dogs album cut, “First Person Shooter” with J. Cole: “You n***as is still takin’ pictures on a dog stream / My youngins’ richer than you rappers and they all stream.”

Cenat first listened to the song during a livestream, and the mention had him hype. When Drizzy FaceTimed him during the stream, Cenat said he’d be in Toronto for the last two shows of the It’s All a Blur Tour. “I appreciate the love, I see all the Ws dropping,” Drake told Cenat. “That’s a lot of love. I always watch the listening sessions.”