Kai Cenat Talks About Ditching A Toronto Girl Behind After She Asked For Fresh Air


He begins the story by saying he was in the city with this girl and they were driving around when she suddenly asked him to stop the car.

“Shawty say, ‘Can you stop the car? I wanna get some fresh air,'” Cenat said. “‘I said, ‘what?’ […] We pulled over, stopped the car. She got out and we left her.”

Cenat continued by saying he’d offer to pay for her Uber as he thought he and his crew were getting set up.

“‘Let me know how that Uber is'” Cenat said he yelled during the incident. “‘Wherever you gotta go, I got you!’ That girl got home safely, have a good night bye.”

Cenat didn’t dive further into the story, but his time in Toronto was certainly eerie based on his story.

He was in Toronto for Drake’s hometown shows on his It’s All A Blur tour.

After Joe Budden called Drake out for hanging out with Cenat, the streamer swiftly responded.