Sherri Shepherd Recalls Barbara Walters Hooking Up With Richard Pryor


“And I came back, and I was like, ‘Joy, guess what?'” she continued. “When you talk like that, you know, don’t tell nobody.” Shepherd said that Mooney claimed he outright walked in on Walters and Pryor, which Behar seemed shocked by. Apparently, the next day, Walters showed up to work on The View when Behar asked her straight-up if she slept with Pryor. “She turned around, and you know, Barbara’s head would swivel… She goes, ‘Who told you that?!'” Shepherd said. “I’m sitting there, like I had just got this job. And Joy, you [did] that because you’re not scared of Barbara!”

Behar then addressed the audience with a smile and said, “Between you and me, Barbara liked a brother. … She was going out with a Black senator—Is this gonna be on television?!” Shepherd joked, “You always used to say Barbara loved a chocolate man.”

Pryor’s sex life made headlines in 2018 as well when his widow confirmed that Pryor and Marlon Brando were once lovers.

Walters, who created and co-hosted The View, interviewed Pryor numerous times throughout her career. It’s unknown when she was romantically linked to Pryor, though, if what her former co-hosts say about her is true. Walters passed away last year at age 93 but co-hosted The View from 1997 until her retirement in 2014.