Kanye West Allegedly Told adidas Worker To “Kiss” A Photo Of Adolf Hitler


A year after Kanye West went on his infamous antisemitic rant—which cost him his title of billionaire—new reports have surfaced that he once told an adidas executive to “kiss a picture of Hitler.”

As previously reported by AllHipHop.com, adidas and West have had a challenging relationship that came to a head when he published a video of himself showing explicit adult videos to top executives at the sneaker and apparel brand.

Executives have also talked about how his erratic behavior, even before the antiemetic rhetoric, plastered the headlines in 2022.

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Kanye West’s erratic behavior reportedly includes him saying derogatory comments about Jewish people and even celebrating Adolf Hitler.

“The adidas employees, thrilled to get started, had arrayed sneakers and fabric swatches on a long table near a mood board pinned with images,” The New York Times reports. “But nothing they showed that day at the company’s German headquarters captured the vision Mr. West had shared.

“To convey how offensive he considered the designs, he grabbed a sketch of a shoe and took a marker to the toe. Then he drew a s#######.”

A person working closely to the Yeezy deal says one day, he “advised a Jewish adidas manager to kiss a picture of Hitler every day.”

West’s fractured relationship with the retail giant has been internet fodder for years. It led to him losing his billionaire status, burned multiple bridges and cost him seemingly countless fans.