Kanye West Defends Yeezy Gap ‘Trash Bag’ Clothes On Fox News: ‘I’m Not Here To Apologize’


Kanye West has addressed the controversy regarding his Yeezy Gap clothes being sold out of “trash bags,” and he isn’t in the mood to apologize.

During a rare interview with Fox News, the Chicago rap icon defended the unorthodox display of his new threads, while blasting the media for supposedly forcing innovators like himself to apologize for coloring outside of the lines.

“Look, man, I’m an innovator and I’m not here to sit up and apologize about my ideas,” Kanye said when quizzed about the backlash to his “trash bag” layout, which some feel is “fetishizing” homeless people.

“That’s exactly what the media tries to do: make us apologize for any idea that doesn’t fall under exactly the way they want us to think.”

Kanye further explained that the aim of the display is to allow customers to shop his Yeezy Gap line in a more informal way. He also pointed out that the clothes aren’t being stored in “trash bags,” but in fact large construction bags.

“This is, like, not a joke. This is not a game. This is not just some celebrity collaboration,” he added. “This is my life. I’m fighting for position to be able to change clothing and bring the best design to the people.”

Kanye West’s Yeezy Gap line became available in-store for the first time in July at Gap’s flagship Times Square location in New York City.

Rather than being displayed on hangers and shelves, though, the garments were stuffed into multiple eco-friendly bags. According to Twitter user Owen Lang, a sales rep at Gap relayed that it was all Kanye’s idea.

“This is how they are selling Yeezy GAP,” Lang wrote. “The sales associate said Ye got mad when he saw they had it on hangers and this is how he wanted it. They won’t help you find ur size too, you just have to just dig through everything.”

For those unable (or unwilling) to sift through the bags of clothes in store, Kanye West’s Yeezy Gap garments are also available online.

The collection includes an array of hoodies, T-shirts, jackets, tank tops, long sleeve shirts and hats engineered by Balenciaga, with prices ranging from $80 to $300.