Kanye West Raps About Seeing The Devil In New Song “Israel”


Kanye West has rapped about Jesus walking with him and now, he’s rapping about seeing the Devil up close. In a new track called “Israel,” West talks about meeting with the wicked one. The track is rumored to appear on Al Be Back’s new project, Dying Near A Charger.

“Tell me right now is it real,” he raps. “Y’all be talking about the devil I seen a close-up/Every night I could’ve told everything they told us/ They was talking about the style Cause a n###a Moses /In’t nobody pardon [Larry] Hoover but we got the closest/Y’all be talking about the devil I seen a close-up /I got b##ches out in Paris and I just rolled up.”

Ye claims to be a devout Christian. As previously reported by AllHipHop.com, he produced two gospel albums in 2019: Jesus is King and Jesus is Born. His almost fanaticism not only spawned his invite-only Sunday Service series, a gospel choir that performed secular songs remixed in a Christian way out in the desert, but has also brought the scrutiny of many.