Katt Williams Blasts ‘Mr. Potato Head’ Steve Harvey and ‘Walrus’ Cedric the Entertainer for Conspiring Against Him


Assuring Sharpe that he wasn’t inebriated, Williams doubled back on Cedric, saying that the Barbershop actor looks like a “walrus” and that he isn’t multi-talented, therefore not living up to his ‘Entertainer’ title. “We found out he can’t sing, can’t dance and doesn’t write jokes,” Williams said. “He did four comedy specials. They’re so bad, Shannon, they’re not available on Netflix or Tubi.”

Saying that “the world doesn’t think” Cedric’s a good comedian, Williams compared his 12 comedy specials to Cedric’s four that aren’t available for streaming. “Winners are not allowed to allow losers to rewrite history,” Williams declared. “I don’t say any of these things if my name is not breached by these people on your platform.”

When asked about his relationships with Cedric, Harvey and Smiley, Williams claimed that the three have formed an alliance aganist him. “For 30 years, they’re a group. These aren’t three random guys,” he said. “The way that Rickey Smiley kept appearing at all my auditions is because of Steve and Ced. He would tell anybody that. Listen, they got a gang on that side. They know what it is.”