Kehlani Cuts Philly Show Short After Multiple Fans Pass Out


Philadelphia, PA – Kehlani decided to cut a recent show in Philadelphia short after multiple fans in the audience passed out during the performance.

It’s unclear what exactly caused the fans to pass out but Kehlani decided they didn’t feel safe and that the show at Philly’s outdoor Skyline Stage at The Mann Center on Monday night (August 15) needed to prematurely end.

“I can’t have this,” she told the crowd. “This is not okay. I don’t feel comfortable, I don’t feel okay and I don’t feel like anybody’s safe right now. I love you, too.”

Kehlani hasn’t stated if they will be returning to Philly for another show or if guests will be refunded at some point.

It’s been a chaotic week on the Blue Water Road Trip Tour. Following Monday’s show stoppage, Tuesday night (August 16) only brought more drama as a fight broke out in the midst of Lani’s performance.

“Ay, no fighting. No fighting! Woah, no! Wait, security you’re not getting their quick enough,” she shouted from the stage. “Oh my god, that’s never happened to me either. Pittsburgh! Can somebody give her her wig? Give it back.”

It wasn’t all fighting at the Pittsburgh date as there was some romance involved as well. Kehlani reposted an Instagram from the show where a proposal took place between two women on stage. According to Noodz, Kehlani’s proposal counter on tour is up to six.

“Went to my first Kehlani show tonight,” a fan wrote on Twitter. “Watched a proposal, someone walk on stage mid performance & a whole fight. Def a show imma remember.”

Kehlani continues their Blue Water Road Trip Tour on Wednesday (August 17) in Cincinnati, where they hope things will be a bit more peaceful. The rest of August finds the 27-year-old heading to Minneapolis, Detroit, Toronto, Chicago, Indianapolis and Houston.

They unleashed their third studio album Blue Water Road in April. The project debuted at No. 13 on the Billboard 200 with 22,000 total album-equivalent units sold.

In a 3.8 review of Blue Water Road, HipHopDX‘s Mackenzie Cummings-Grady wrote: “From Kehlani’s candid songwriting to Blue Water Road’s vibrant backdrops, the album serves as evidence of what happens when someone finally begins to take responsibility for their own happiness.

“What emerges is something that treads into uncharted waters and even if it isn’t fully understood yet, it can at times be quite a spectacle.”