Kenny Mason

Kenny Mason’s Visionary EP "6"


Atlanta rapper and producer Kenny Mason is back with a new EP titled “6”, a follow-up to his acclaimed album Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut which was released earlier this year. The six-track project showcases Mason’s versatility and creativity as he blends elements of hip hop, rock, and R&B with his signature lyrical prowess and storytelling.

The EP opens with “Rih”, a hard-hitting track that pays homage to Rihanna and her influence on Mason’s music and style. Mason raps over a distorted guitar riff and trap drums, delivering witty bars and catchy hooks. The next song, “Play Ball”, is a more laid-back and melodic tune that reflects on Mason’s childhood and his love for baseball. Mason sings over a smooth guitar loop and snaps, expressing his nostalgia and gratitude for his past.

The third track, “Partments”, is a collaboration with fellow Atlanta rapper GRIP, who also appeared on Mason’s previous album. The two MCs trade verses over a haunting piano sample and booming bass, detailing their struggles and aspirations in the rap game. The song is followed by “Much Money”, a bouncy and upbeat track that features Freddie Gibbs, another guest from Mason’s last album. The duo rap about their wealth and success over a funky guitar riff and crisp drums, showcasing their charisma and chemistry.

The fifth track, “Storm”, is a more introspective and emotional song that deals with Mason’s depression and anxiety. Mason sings over a melancholic guitar melody and sparse percussion, revealing his inner turmoil and vulnerability. The EP closes with “4ever”, a hopeful and uplifting track that celebrates Mason’s resilience and optimism. Mason raps over a bright guitar chord progression and lively drums, affirming his faith and confidence in himself and his future.

“6” is a testament to Kenny Mason’s artistic growth and vision, as he continues to explore different genres and sounds while staying true to his roots and identity. The EP is a concise and cohesive project that showcases Mason’s talent and potential as one of the most exciting and innovative artists in the current rap scene.

Track list:

  • RICH
  • I GOT
  • STACK IT UP (ft. Project Pat)
  • 100 or Nun (feat. Tony Shhnow)
  • Avatar
  • Back Home

About Kenny Mason

Kenny Mason is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and producer from West Atlanta, Georgia. He is known for his distinctive sound which consists of a fusion between grunge rock, hip hop, and elements of shoegaze. He began rapping at the age of 12 and started taking music seriously at the age of 19. He gained recognition after releasing his breakout single “Hit” in 2019, which received millions of streams online. He released his debut album Angelic Hoodrat in 2020, which was met with public praise from fans and artists alike. He followed this album with a deluxe edition in 2021 titled Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut, which featured prominent rappers such as Denzel Curry and Freddie Gibbs. He has also collaborated with artists such as JID, IDK, Maxo Kream, Sheck Wes, J. Cole, Bas, Deante’ Hitchcock, redveil, among others. He is currently signed to RCA Records.