Kevin Garnett Suggests Jordan Pool Stole Rubi Rose From Paul Pierce


Kevin Garnett has a theory about why his former teammate Paul Pierce should blame NBA champion Jordan Poole for foiling his attempts to link with his rap crush Rubi Rose.

During a recent episode of his KG-Certified series for Showtime basketball, the former Celtics player unloaded on Poole for what he deemed as unprofessional behavior that does not belong in the NBA. In the process of criticizing Poole for bringing bad habits to his post as the franchise player with the Washington Wizards, KG appeared to suggest the Golden State Warriors traded Poole because of how he’s acting right now.

“You learned this in Golden State n###a,” KG started off in his heated rant. “Them n###s over their professionals bro—they got your ass up out of there because you wouldn’t fall in line bro. That’s what I’m saying why n###s like this don’t belong in the league bro.”

As if Poole’s lackadaisical conduct wasn’t enough, KG soon turned to the guard’s flashy history with rumored love interests, dragging Pierce into the mix along the way.

“He had your girl in the joint there, he had your girl in the building,” KG said to Pierce who replied “You supposed to go for 50.” KG added, “I see why, and then shorty bet on his ass, had him all in the parlay—I’m disappointed man.”

What y’all think? Did Poole really fumble bags with both Rose and Ice Spice?

Peep the vicious clip below.

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