Kevin Hart Says His ‘Seriously Funny’ Comedy Special Made Him Re-Think Health: ‘I Started Working Out’


Kevin Hart has revealed which one of his stand-up comedy specials is his favorite in his new interview with Funny Marco

The superstar comedian was the latest guest on Funny Marco’s Open Thoughts, and although the conversation was filled with so many hilarious moments, as expected, there were a few where Hart did speak from the heart. Amid all the comedy, Funny Marco asked Hart which of his stand-up specials was his favorite, while also asking him questions about his fitness lifestyle. 

But like the master of language that he is, Hart flipped the question to his favor and explained that Seriously Funny was his favorite because the way he looked in that special inspired him to become healthier. 

“In my opinion, I’m going to say Seriously Funny,” Hart said as Marco tried to throw him off his answer. “I feel like Seriously Funny was just a defining moment for me that honestly made me think about my body, and that’s why I started working out because of how I looked on the special.”