Kid Cudi Blasts Kanye West: “He Used His Power to F*** With Me”


Kid Cudi is getting all of his issues, past, and present, about Kanye West off his chest. In a new cover story with Esquire, Cudi stated it would take a “miracle” for them to be friends again.

In case you missed it, Cudi and Ye’s relationship has been on the rocks since Ye called out his former friend for being friends with Pete Davidson. Davidson, who Ye also waged an online war with, is the former boyfriend of Ye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian. In the disagreement, Ye removed Cudi’s contributions from his DONDA 2 album.

The beef would reach a new level once Ye pulled out of Rolling Loud. Cudi was booked to replace him, and Ye showed up anyway on a different stage. Fans at the festival would also launch items at Cudi on stage.

Now that you’re caught up, Cudi revealed the issues between the two reach back a while, acknowledging Kanye would not lend his talents to his albums. “I’ve been on every one of that man’s albums. He’s only been on two of mine. That should tell you something,” Cudi said. “And don’t think I didn’t ask.”

Cudi would reveal the toll that the bullying by Ye on social media took on him, adding the rapper’s fans would send messages and flood his comments.

“And then you got this person’s trolls sending you messages on Instagram and Twitter? All in your comments? That shit pissed me off. That he had the power to fuck with me that week. That he used his power to fuck with me. That pissed me off. You fucking with my mental health now, bro.”

– Kid Cudi in Esquire

Cudi would state that he is eliminating negative energy from his life and was sure to let Ye know who he is not.

“I’m not one of your kids. I’m not Kim. It don’t matter if I’m friends with Pete or not friends with Pete. None of this shit had anything to do with me,” Cudi said.

He then threw a little bit of Drake sauce in. “With all due respect, I’m not Drake, who’s about to take a picture with him next week and be friends again, and their beef is squashed.”

Could they be friends again? Not likely, Cudi states in addition to the miracle, Ye “gon’ have to become a monk.”

You can read it all below.