Kid Cudi Drops ‘Stars In The Sky’ Off ‘Sonic 2’ Soundtrack


Kid Cudi fans were pleasantly surprised on Friday (March 26) when the Cleveland crooner dropped a new track in honor of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, which premieres in theaters on April 8.

“Stars In The Sky” finds Cudi taking to the stars alongside the blue Sega hedgehog. Cudi announced the track on his social media before it dropped, revealing he’d be hosting a screening of the new film with fans. The post comes after the Grammy-winning rapper announced earlier in March he’d be stepping away from social media entirely, citing its toxicity.

“I’m turnin’ off all comments on IG for all posts,” he wrote. “And I’m thinkin’ about gettin off IG all together, honestly.  Think I’ma just keep my Twitter. And I’m only gonna do that cuz I have to. I really wanna get off all socials.”