On the track, he devours a nocturnal beat with intensely infectious melodies and head-spinning rhyme patterns punctuated by his distinct delivery. In the clip, he cruises at high speed through the city in the dead of night in a matte black sports car with butterfly doors. The footage alternates between night-vision vignettes of KILLY delivering an intense performance surrounded by his homies. It’s yet another captivating clip from the Toronto maverick.

“PYRO” ignites the next phase for KILLY. Right now, he’s readying a brand new mixtape set for release later this Spring.

The last time we heard from him was on the banger “OH NO” produced by Y2K. Garnering critical acclaim, Lyrical Lemonade praised the “fashion-forward dystopian universe KILLY creates within his music” before naming him “one of Canada’s quickest rising stars.” Wonderland Magazine exclaimed, “since exploding upon the scene, KILLY has been making waves with his boundary-pushing brand of hip-hop: all otherworldly melodies, hypnotic hooks and pulsating bass. Not to mention, Complex named it one of “The 10 Best Songs of the Month: July 2020. It has posted up over 1 million YouTube views on the Ryder Ripps-directed music video thus far.

Affirming his status as an innovator, he stands out as one of the first rising artists to maneuver through the NFT world. He notably shared the artwork, release date, and title for “PYRO” through a limited 25-edition release. Superfans snatched up “HYPER RARE DEMON FACE” via Rarible, selling out immediately.  

Get ready for KILLY to light up the game with “PYRO.


If alien means belonging elsewhere, perhaps KILLY is someone who belongs everywhere. The shy rockstar finds himself at home in the eclectic and the contradictory, effortlessly pairing petaled shirts and spiked glasses, suturing vulnerable lyrics to heavy, sinister instrumentals. Born in 1997 to Bajan and Filipino parents in Toronto, Khalil Tatem was painted by a mosaic of influences from a young age, from Kanye West to Speaker Knockerz to Tommy Lee Sparta.

During high school, he rooted himself into the community and nurtured “Killamonjaro” for two long years. His ascendance felt lightspeed as he independently released his debut project Surrender Your Soul, garnered multiple platinum and gold singles, and took to the road for a world tour. After two years on the road, he tethered stories across time and space from his journey in his project Light Path 8. This was followed by his connection with Sylvia Rhone, the legendary head of Epic Records, and his new home with the label. With this partnership, he continues to cultivate each track with the same care as “Killamonjaro.” Privileging quality over quantity, he fine-tunes each project with meticulous precision, elusively hinting to fans at what’s to come. Even with numerous accolades to his name, he’s just getting started.

If KILLY is an alien, he’s one who can use his diverse upbringing to weave himself anywhere—one whose legacy is already written in the stars.