Kodak Black Cops His Mother A Diamond-Encrusted Grill


Hip Hop artists buying their mothers extravagant gifts such as cars, houses and jewelry is the greatest form of gratitude to the woman who raised them.

Kodak Black went in a different direction lacing his mom’s teeth instead of her neck and wrists with expensive gems.

The “Tunnel Vision” songwriter blessed his mother Marcelene Octave with a diamond-encrusted grill, which she showed off in an Instagram Story on his account Thursday.

The caption read “Z Queen” with several emojis next to it as she pulled her lips back and gnashed her gleaming teeth together.

Photo: Kodak Black/Instagram
It’s literally a bright moment away for Kodak Black amid his recent and past legal troubles that have been following him for most of his music career.

Kodak Black accepted a guilty plea bargain Thursday (April 29) in exchange for 18 months probation. after being charged for first-degree assault and battery charges in South Carolina involving a teenage girl in February 2016. Kodak Black originally faced up to 30 years in prison if the case went to trial after pleading not guilty and were to be convicted on the charges.

Also, Kodak Black was pardoned from his 46-month prison sentence by former president Donald Trump before he left office in January. Kodak Black served one year into that sentence and was slated for release from jail in 2022 after being found guilty of falsifying information to buy firearms in Miami on two separate occasions.