KUU, the Electronic Supergroup of Riton, Alex Metric & Shungudzo, Drops New Single "Lose Control"


Collaborations between artists have always been a fascinating aspect of the music industry. The electronic supergroup KUU, consisting of Riton, Alex Metric, and Shungudzo, had already impressed us with their debut track “We’ll Always Have This Dance” last year. Today, they return with a new single titled “Lose Control,” which promises to be yet another dancefloor banger.

“Lose Control” is a perfect combination of KUU’s signature sound, a unique blend of various genres such as pop, acid house, R&B, indie, and dance music. The track features pulsating synths and a captivating beat that sets the tone for Shungudzo’s infectious melodies that effortlessly flow from the verse to the chorus. The buzzing bassline and high-energy groove provide an energetic and catchy backdrop to the song, while the sample from Sandy Rivera’s classic track “Come Into My Room” adds an extra layer of excitement to the already dynamic production.

The trio’s chemistry is undeniable, and their sound has a certain pop sensibility that draws listeners from various backgrounds. The diverse mix of genres in their music showcases their versatility and creativity as artists, and it’s no surprise that their tracks have caught the attention of both mainstream and underground audiences.

KUU’s “Lose Control” is the perfect addition to any party playlist, and it’s a testament to the group’s ability to produce electrifying music that crosses boundaries and captures the hearts of music lovers around the world. We can’t wait to see what other surprises KUU has in store for us in the future.

You can stream Lose Control now: