KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz Need Fans’ Help Naming Their Duo


KXNG Crooked is asking for the public’s help in naming his group with fellow Slaughterhouse alum Joell Ortiz. The veteran MC fired off a tweet on Tuesday (September 6) looking for creative ideas from his fans.

Posted up inside his BMW i8, Crooked begins: “Yo, man. I’m just sittin’ here thinking. We’re working on our third official project, me and Joell, right? We had H.A.R.D., Housing Authority Rap District, Rise and Fall of Slaughterhouse and now, Harbor City: Season One.

“We done did three official projects, and we don’t have an official name for the duo yet […] H.A.R.D., that’s something that we say ’cause that’s where we from, the Housing Authority Rap District. We bring that sense of passion, urgency, struggle, hustle, we bring that to the rap space ’cause we come from Housing Authority; we come from Section 8, projects.”

KXNG Crooked added some people already call the duo Crook and Joell, which he isn’t entirely opposed to. He continued, “Some people say, ‘Yo, that’s Crook and Joell.’ Is that the official name? I really want y’all to give me some ideas that I can take back to Joell.

“Give me some ideas for the group, the name for this duo. You know, I’m from Long Beach. He from Brooklyn. Ain’t too many groups composed of an East Coast and a West Coast cat. I don’t know, give me some creative suggestions please ’cause we ain’t got a name!”

Speaking to HipHopDX via text message, Crook said they were already several contenders in the running, including “Crook & Joell, Brother’s Keeper, Halfway House, LBC2BK, H.A.R.D., Roommates (lol), The Duplex (lol), Coast Guards, Hardy Boyz and Tha Indispensable.”

Harbor City: Season One is expected to arrive on September 16. Now, they just need the name.