Larry David Has Zero Remorse for Throttling Elmo, Got Annoyed at Him ‘Going on About Mental Health’


The situation was dire enough to prompt Elmo to visit Today on Thursday to talk about the viral tweet.

“Elmo is really, really happy, and Elmo’s glad that he got to talk to a lot of people and see how they’re doing,” said the fictional character in corporeal form. 

“It’s important to remember that we all have a lot of feelings, and that’s okay,” Elmo added. “It’s good to know what feeling you’re having, if you’re feeling sad, or worried, or confused, you can talk to someone that you know and trust. And it’s good to talk about it.”

After being attacked on live TV by the actor, Elmo urged an immediate intervention with the Seinfeld co-creator, saying, “Let’s get back on the couch and let’s talk about how you’re feeling.”

Elmo did not comment on David retracting his apology at publishing time.