Latto Fires Subliminal At Ice Spice On New Song Teaser, “Munch” Rapper Responds With Snippet


The tension between Latto and Ice Spice seemingly ramped up a notch after both artists shared new snippets over the weekend.  

On Sunday (January 7), Latto previewed a new single on social media alongside a video teaser of the track. While many praised the song as a potential banger, eager for a release, one line in particular caught fans’ attention. 

“I just want a one-on-one, don’t know why she so nervous,” Latto raps on the song. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the video for Ice Spice’s latest song “Pretty Girl,” played in the background as Latto called out her unnamed rival.  

Fans from both camps reacted to the subliminal shot on social media, adding fuel to the simmering feud between them.   

“O @Latto SHADES @icespicee_ requesting a ONE ON ONE and then plays ICE SPICE in the background SO SHE CATCHES THE DIRECT WHACK,” wrote one Latto fan. GENIUS!!!!!! I LOVE FEMALE RAP.” 

Meanwhile, a few hours later, Ice Spice teased her own upcoming single, sharing a preview on social media.   

“Think you the s###, b####. You not even the fart,” Ice Spice opens the track. She posted the song alongside a Super Mario graphic echoing the same message.   

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“Latto thought she could play in ice spice’s face and got gathered not even 2 hours later,” one fan wrote. 

During a November interview, the “Lottery” hitmaker said that although the Hip-Hop industry is “cliquey,” it’s fans that actually drive beef between artists.  

“I think it really don’t be a problem until we let fans, Stans, whatever you want to call them, like the outsiders once they get in the mix. I think that’s what stirs the pot,” she told XXL

“Once they get to comparing, they will turn us against each other,” she added. “Which is very weak-minded of us as female rappers.”