Latto Is Tired Of Body-Shamers Attacking Her Looks


Latto is getting a lot of attention with her new album 777 and with that comes many opinions from people keeping an eye on the 23-year-old rap star. Some comments she’s fielding are about her looks, and she’s getting tired of all the commotion.

On Monday (April 4), “The Biggest” hopped on Twitter to let off some steam regarding trolls speaking on her looks, and she was serious about their comments getting to her.

“I’m getting off birth control lol I’m sick of y’all telling me I’m gaining weight that shit hurt my feelings fr so don’t say nun when I.. nvm,” she tweeted alongside a pregnant woman emoji.

Latto then hopped on her Instagram Story with a post showing a DM from a fan who told her to “get lipo in your arms & back” because she was “getting kinda big.”

“@ferrari_safarii here the attention go u looking for y’all go tear dat ass up #disrespectfully,” she wrote in her first post before explaining her stance in another. “I thought I was losing weight looking good then here go this weird bitch in my DM telling me to get lipo cause I’m ‘boxy..’ an gone lie sis u struck a nerve cause I’m on day 2 of my no food just juice cleanse right now.”

Something similar happened in March when Latto clapped back at another chatty patty who said something about her body. The “Big Energy” rapper came through with several suggestive pictures of herself while aiming at the body shamers.

“What y’all dizzy bitches not gone do is play with my SHAPE,” she wrote showing off her backside in one of the clips. “Don’t ever play on my top insecure ass bitches get a rise out of tryna body shame.”