LeBron’s Wife and Kids Expertly Impersonate Him in Hilarious TikTok


Cutting in between Bronny’s impression, Bryce makes one of his father’s facial expressions, and Savannah dances and moves around like her husband. Both Bronny and Bryce act out LeBron’s scream-and-stretch, and Zhuri ends the video with her dad’s infamous chalk toss.

The family of five appeared in Beats’ latest campaign, which sees them using the headphones to send words of encouragement to LeBron and pump him up for game day. All of them are now official brand ambassadors for Beats, with Savannah, Bryce, and Zhuri being be the latest additions. LeBron has been working with Beats since 2008, and Bronny became the brand’s first high school athlete in 2022.

“It’s a pretty special thing to see how this partnership has grown with our family over the years,” LeBron said in a press release, of the campaign. “It’s a blessing for me to share the stage with them, and with a brand that’s been part of our lives since we started this journey. Family means everything to me!”