Lee Charm Releases New Video For “Alone”


Singer and songwriter Lee Charm releases his new video for his single “Alone” on Sony Orchard!  This Hip-Hop/R&B infused track is packed with a smooth bass, catchy lyrics, and a hot and sexy soulful tone that anyone can vibe to. Written from a personal place and a mixture of experiences, this relatable song does not disappoint. Stay tuned for the highly anticipated EP release coming soon.

Many artists are blessed with talents, but Lee Charm is one of a kind and has captured the hearts of his many fans with his electrifying performances. “I want the world to know that I am a dreamer and a fighter who dares to be himself at any means necessary.”

The video encompasses the concept of being “Alone” with a great display of bright colors and beautiful city skylines. Lee Charm definitely gets his message out that he doesn’t care what the haters have to say!