LeVar Burton on Ye’s Claim to Not Read Books: ‘I Hope He Shares a Different Message with Children in His School’


Kanye West says he doesn’t read. After cutting ties with adidas and Gap, Yeezy appeared on MSNBC. With the need to let the world more into his genius mind, Ye hit the Alo Mind Full podcast and revealed that reading is not for him.

“When you said I hadn’t read this book, I actually haven’t read any book,” Kanye said. “Reading is like eating Brussels sprouts for me. And talking is like getting the Giorgio Baldi corn ravioli.”

Hearing that message, and knowing he is the owner and leader of a new school, DONDA Academy, Reading Rainbow legend LeVar Burton hit Instagram hoping for a better strategy for his students.

“Hmmm… I’m going have to take Mr. West at his word,” Burton typed. “I hope however, that he shares a different message with the children enrolled in the school he’s founded named after his mother, who was an professor of English. I’m fairly certain she read a book or two.”