Lil Baby Seemingly Responds To Blueface Diss With Cryptic Tweet: “Y’all Stop Playing” 


Blueface and Lil Baby appear to be sending subliminal shots at each other online after their recent diss tracks.  

The “Thotiana” hitmaker took aim at Lil Baby on his latest track, “Baby Momma Drama,” earlier this week after the Atlanta rapper fired the first shot on an unreleased song he previewed at a club over the weekend.  

The drama arose back in February when Blueface accused Lil Baby of trying to get with his then-pregnant girlfriend, Chrisean Rock, after she took a photo with the “Heyy” hitmaker at a party.  

This past weekend, Lil Baby shared a video on his Instagram Story previewing a song with a shot for Blueface. “Put a hunnit up a million times, f### is a Blueface?” he raps on the track.  

Blueface fired back earlier this week on “Baby Momma Drama,” released Monday (September 18). 

“Lil Baby thought he knew me [laughs]/ How you let another grown man feel up on your booty?/ Couldn’t be me, boy, I am not a hoochie/ You n##### really industry, I am really in the streets,” Blueface replied. 

Blueface was seemingly referencing a viral video shared earlier this summer of Lil Baby and a friend at his concert. 

The Glass Window Entertainment founder apparently caught wind of Blue’s diss, responding on social media.  

“Whooo?” he wrote on X (formerly) Twitter Tuesday night (September 19.) “Y’all stop playing.” 

Blueface responded a short while later, tweeting, “You know who,” alongside a purple demon emoji. Check out their tweets below.