Lil Durk

Lil Durk Collaborates with 21 Savage on "War Bout It" from "Almost Healed" Album


In a captivating team-up, hip-hop artists Lil Durk and 21 Savage have released a potent new track, “War Bout It”, featured on Lil Durk’s upcoming album, “Almost Healed”. This collaboration combines Lil Durk’s evocative lyricism with 21 Savage’s distinctive style, creating a track that encapsulates the raw energy of both artists.

“War Bout It” provides a glimpse into the overall feel of the “Almost Healed” album, emphasizing Lil Durk’s ability to craft compelling narratives through his music. The inclusion of 21 Savage enhances the track’s appeal, with the artist contributing his characteristic wordplay and cadence. Together, they create a compelling blend of styles that enriches the overall sonic experience of the song.

While the full release date of “Almost Healed” has not been announced, the release of “War Bout It” has generated significant anticipation among fans. The collaboration between Lil Durk and 21 Savage demonstrates the potential of the forthcoming album, with listeners eager to experience the full project.

With “War Bout It”, Lil Durk and 21 Savage have crafted a track that highlights their collective musical prowess. As fans eagerly await the release of “Almost Healed”, “War Bout It” stands as an engaging preview of what to expect from Lil Durk’s upcoming work. This collaboration showcases the synergy between two of hip-hop’s unique talents, pointing to the potential for future collaborative endeavors.