Lil Reese Reacts To Footage Of King Von Claiming To Be Gay


Many supporters of the late Dayvon “King Von” Bennett are in defense mode over the Chicago-bred rhymer. For example, fellow Chicago native Lil Reese justified Von asking for protective custody in jail because of his sexuality.


“They’re supposed to be Christian, but they got a problem with gay people,” King Von told an officer in the leaked body-cam video. When asked if his sexual orientation is the reason for his protective custody request, Von answered, “Yes.”

In the same clip, King Von appears to blow a kiss to another male inmate before saying, “I’m gonna f### you too.” Social media users began questioning the motive behind the “Crazy Story” rapper’s comments with some people suggesting it was a ploy to get away from his enemies in jail.

Lil Reese seems to believe King Von was joking when telling officers on camera that he is gay. Cam Capone News caught up with Reese to get his thoughts on the situation.

Longtime Rivals King Von & Lil Jay Both Face Allegations Of Being Gay Or Bisexual

“He was playing the whole time,” said Lil Reese about Von. “I know he was playing because he was trying to get moved to a new deck, so that’s what you got to do sometime. You gotta play like that. He was f###### around though. But, Lil Jay wasn’t joking.”

King Von’s rival, Lil Jay, has also been in the news due to security footage from inside a jail. However, Jay denied being the man in a viral video seen kissing another man. He stated, “Face don’t match, tattoos don’t match, body don’t match.” 

During his recent interview, Lil Reese addressed whether it was “normal” for inmates to lie about their sexuality as a form of protection. The Supa Savage mixtape creator added, “I don’t know about that. But it’s certain ways you gotta do things. [King Von] was probably just f###### around, just wanted to get moved. So he did that.”