Lil Tay Death Hoax: Lawyers For Teen Rapper’s Mother Speak Out


Lil Tay’s mother has spoken up about the erroneous claim two of her children had died. As previously reported, the teen rapper’s alleged death was determined to be a hoax.

A lawyer working with the family posted an official statement on Lil Tay’s Instagram, attempting to explain what was going on in the family (but not the alleged hoax), saying it was something the media exploited.

“Lorne MacLean K.C and Fraser MacLean from MacLean Law are lawyers from Vancouver, Canada. They’re helping Tay Tian’s mom, Angela Tian, with some family stuff in court,” the post starts off stating, adding “There’s been some mixed-up info in the media, so they want to set things straight about what’s happening with the family in court.”

“But, because it’s important to keep kids’ info private, they’re only giving a quick update from what went down in the British Columbia Supreme Court,” the lawyer continued.

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According to the post, the law firm helped the mother secure retroactive child support from their father dating back to 2014, which is around $275,000. Each child would also get child support every month and additional expenses that might incur.

The mother would be in charge of Lil Tay’s career, signing all of her contracts and maintaining physical custody until she is of age to move out.

Speaking of moving, the lawyers got an entitlement for Lil Tay and her mother to “relocate outside of Vancouver.”

Social media responded with confusion and some overall advice. One person wrote, what many thought, “girl i thought u was dead,” while another said, “I honestly just think this girl needs to be taken off social media and given a proper childhood.”

If she gets off social media, she’ll not be able to send messages to her fans like the one on her YouTube. Lil Tay posted “help me” in her channel’s description.