Lil Wayne Scoffs At AI Replicating His Voice: “I’m One Of A Kind”


AI’s ability to replicate voices raised all sorts of ethical questions in the music industry, but the technology failed to impress Lil Wayne. The diamond-selling rapper brushed off the idea of AI threatening his work in a Billboard cover story.

“Someone asked me about [AI] recently,” he said. “And they were trying to tell me that AI could make a voice that sounds just like me. But it’s not me because I’m amazing. I’m like, is this AI thing going to be amazing too? Because I am naturally, organically amazing. I’m one of a kind. So actually, I would love to see that thing try to duplicate this m###########.”

Lil Wayne also discussed his longevity in the interview. He credited his staying power to his work ethic and expressed gratitude for his career.

“I just keep going,” he said. “I never stop. It’s just the work ethic, plain and simple. No more, no less; I don’t do nothing but my music … Every single time I say the word “work,” I ask God to forgive me. ‘Cause I know this has never been a job. It’s just a dream come true. So that’s why I’ve never stopped.”

Lil Wayne is scheduled to perform at Hip Hop 50 Live at Yankee Stadium in New York on August 11. He will be joined by Run-DMC, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and many more.