Lil Yachty Adds To Wiz Khalifa’s Call For Unity: ‘We Should Treat Rap Like Sandwiches’


Many people are losing their lives in Hip Hop over issues that shouldn’t even get to the point that violence is the only option. Whenever someone passes away, another rapper will say the culture needs to come together to stop the senseless violence, and Lil Yachty is the next one up with his own interesting take.

A clip from Kerwin Frost’s recap of Kanye West and Drake’s Larry Hoover benefit concert shows Yachty chatting it up with Kerwin in the stands before the show kicks off. The two talked about Drake and Kanye squashing their beef, and Yachty felt that moment was comparable to making a sandwich.

“Shit, like, I just really think it mean, like, we should really treat rap like sandwiches,” Yachty said. “We should just all come together now like sandwiches.”

“Ham, pickle, lettuce,” Kerwin joked, to which Yachty replied, “Peanut butter jelly, every time, though.”

It’s a funny opinion but one that makes sense if you sit and think about the analogy. With the recent deaths of Young Dolph, Slim 400 and Drakeo The Ruler, Hip Hop is in a troubling state, and it seems there’s more separation than unity.

Wiz Khalifa expressed similar (albeit less whimsical) sentiments when he jumped on Twitter to offer his fellow rappers advice with all the violence that’s surging through the culture. According to Wiz, artists have to move smarter and be there for one another.

“As entertainers lets try some shit next year,” Wiz wrote on Twitter. “Minding our own business. Not dis respecting each others family, dead homies, or area they come from. Stop using someone else’s significant other as a one up to the other person. Actually showing the same love you expect to get.”

He added, “Not sayin any of these are a direct cause of violence but changin em could help.”

Watch Kerwin Frost’s full Larry Hoover concert vlog below, featuring more cameos from Kanye West, Lil Yachty, Mike Dean and more.