Lil Yachty Pulled A Soulja Boy, Becoming First Rapper To Spam This Method


Lil Yachty appears to be using cutting-edge marketing techniques to deliver collaborations such as his and J. Cole’s Hip-Hop epic, “The Secret Recipe.”

Yes, of course, Yachty just collaborated with the Dreamville mastermind on what might be one of the most polarizing rap releases this year—but it appears there’s more to the record than just the bars and the MCs themselves.

If haven’t noticed by now, Lil Yachty has been on a tear since the release of his fan-favorite album, Let’s Start Here, earlier this year. His dedication to showcasing the versatility of his artistry via the consistency of his releases has allowed Yachty to shine on his recent efforts such as “TESLA” and the aforementioned rap epic “The Secret Recipe.”

However, Yachty’s resolve is apparently more than just his commitment to his craft and more-so of a not-so-dry-run of a cutting-edge marketing technique that’s sure to be scavenged by numerous major labels. Apparently, Yachty’s practice of releasing loose singles as EPs repackaged with other loose singles has been dubbed the “waterfall” method. The ideology behind the rollout is seemingly embedded in the promotion of streaming discovery and “increased plays” for previously released records.

Somebody has to double-check to confirm if Soulja Boy has or hasn’t already done something similar to this. Check out the details of the theory below.