Logic Copies Ice Spice’s Signature Move, Twerks And Sniffs Belly Button In Onstage Dance 


A shirtless Logic was feeling himself during a recent performance, gyrating his hips and twerking before bending over for the audience to copy the Ice Spice signature dance move. 

A video of his July performance resurfaced online Thursday with users on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. Not only does he mimic the Ice Spice move, but the Maryland native also bizarrely poked a finger in his belly button. He then gives his finder a little wiggle before bringing it up to his nose for a little sniff.  

‘Logic don’t got a single song where he need to be doing all this,’ wrote one user sharing the video. 

“I know logics joking but that ice spice move he did just ended his career,” another expressed. “Can never take him serious again lmao.” 

However, Logic also had his defenders. “Bro WHO GIVES A F### if he doing the ice spice signature move,” wrote one fan. “let this man be bruh . Logic hate is so corny.” 

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Logic took to social media with an exciting announcement for his fans. On Wednesday (August 16), he shared his plans to drop a free new mixtape called Inglorious Basterd alongside a snippet of the newly released intro track “Still Pushin.” The song is a remix of Lupe Fiasco’s early-career classic, “Kick Push.” Check out the album artwork in his post below.  

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