Looney Tunes Voiceover Actor Eric Bauza Explains SAG-AFTRA Strike From The Picket Line


“The Writers Guild of America went on strike for protection against AI, residuals on streaming, and just overall rights. I remember going out there in the early days before we were on strike supporting them in their cause because it kind of relates to what we’re fighting for right now,” Bauza says.

“So they finally finished their negotiations and they found a fair deal and we’re out here today hoping for the same thing for SAG-AFTRA. And we haven’t talked about health insurance, we haven’t even talked about just the normal things that you would think: Why would we even have to negotiate this?”

Bauza adds that it’s an issue affecting lots of Canadians.

“There’s so many people here, so many talented people from all over the globe, Canada, everywhere that have been on these lines. It’s been very uplifting and positive and hopeful that we all kind of share this one voice.

“The Writers Guild really did spark something in unions all across the country, and I think places all around the globe, for protection against the big guy.”