Ludacris Says Season 3 Of ‘Karma’s World’ Will Tackle More Social Justice Issues


Ludacris’s Netflix animated children’s series Karma’s World is now about to embark on its third season, and Luda said this time around the show will seek to educate kids on more social justice issues.

“As soon as you have kids, you start thinking about the next generation and stop thinking so much about yourself,” he told The Root, noting that his daughter Karma is his biggest inspiration. “There’s an episode about standing up for what you believe in and why people boycott. If you’ve seen the previous episodes, you know there’s music, and there’s a theme.”

He continued by saying the next season will of course include music and even a soundtrack, but he didn’t pen the young girl’s lyrics. “I oversee [the writing]. But it’s very important that I’m not the one speaking for a young girl. So I have a team of people to help me with that…A lot of the episodes are based on things that Karma honestly went through. And I think that’s why it resonates with people so much.”

He added that the show’s purpose is to just educate and provide good parental role models for kids.

“I think it’s extremely important to show the parents’ love, especially the dynamic of the father and daughter,” he said. “I was intentional about making sure Karma’s dad was a key figure, but I was not intentional about me voicing the dad.”

Karma’s World debuted on the streaming service last October and was one of Netflix’s top-rated shows upon arrival. The series ran into production delays along the way, but ever since its release, it’s become one of the streamer’s go-to children’s programs.

“I’m going to change young people’s lives for the better,” Luda said at the time in an interview with Billboard. “I’m confident about that because I know how much this show will let them know they are not alone in their thoughts, and will teach them different morals and ethics.”