Luigui Bleand Reveals Upcoming Album Will Be Accompanied By A TV Series


Dominican-Haitian singer and producer Luigui Bleand has been making quite a buzz with his recent singles. The Caribbean musician gained new popularity following the release of “Lo’ Prieto,” ft. Musicologo The Libro and  “Mueve Eso” with La Perversa. The talented artist is now set to take over the industry with his upcoming album Pandora, which will come with a TV series.

“I’m planning every detail because the album is followed by a TV series that is going to accompany the album, I’m advancing in the Reggae Pop genre, which is also going to be introduced as a bonus on this album, because the album comes with a mix of rhythms and I’m working on it,” explains Luigui.

Pandora will introduce many new singles, among which is “Zumba.” In a recent interview, Bleand announced that the song will be released on March 3, “I understand that it is a mixture of new rhythms, it is something practically different from the Caribbean rhythms that are usually heard in the United States and the Caribbeans. I understand that this is going to have a great impact in these regions.”

Luigui reveals that Pandora will delve more into mainstream Pop music. Bleand says: “I plan each point and trust my instincts. I always make sure that what I put out to the public is what I like and what I think people might like, to make sure that every song I release has similar or better results than the one before because I always released music based on my taste or my instinct, I ensure that each release has greater range and greater force.”

In addition to a new album and a TV series, the producer is also working on a documentary film directed by Yanirma Reynoso. The film will focus on Luigui Bleand’s journey and how he becomes “one of the most prominent executives in the discographic industry.”

Watch the official music video for “Mueve Eso” on YouTube:

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