Macatizm is Ready to Bring His Music to the Mainstream


Rapper Macatizm, hailing from New Jersey but rooted in the diverse scenes of Minneapolis and Myrtle Beach, is making his mark not just as a skilled rapper but as an experienced entrepreneur.

His musical journey began in the church choir, and high school talent shows earned him the nickname “Snoop Dogg” for his delivery of the rap icon’s lines. Macatizm’s roots run deep, drawing inspiration from his mother, Sharon Richmond, and his brother, Cornelius Richmond (C-Baby), both influential figures in their own right.

Hits like “Who Got Them Pies,” “At the Same Time,” and “Pole Pro” show Macatizm’s distinctive style. As an executive producer on the “Country City Life” album by C-Baby, he proves his ability to shape not only his own tracks but also contribute to the broader musical landscape.

In a recent interview, Macatizm shared insights into his creative process, highlighting a straightforward approach. He starts with the hook, sets the tone, and then weaves in the verses. This method has undoubtedly contributed to the success of his tracks.

Inspired by hip-hop legends like Snoop Dogg and Wu-Tang Clan, Macatizm stays true to his roots while keeping an eye on the future. An upcoming track, “Blowing Up,” hints at his continual evolution as an artist. When asked about his evolving style, Macatizm keeps it simple, expressing a commitment to growth and improvement.

In 2015, Courtney’s mother passed down the family barbecue sauce recipe, sparking his desire to share her legacy with a wider audience. However, his efforts took a turn when Nolan Weise Back Yard Specialty Foods Manufacturing, a South Dakota-based company, violated their non-disclosure agreement and started producing the sauce without his consent. Courtney’s attempts to seek justice through the legal system have encountered obstacles, facing discrimination and bureaucratic challenges from federal to state courts, where authorities seem to lean towards the manufacturing company rather than upholding his rights as an inventor and entrepreneur.

Despite facing setbacks and legal challenges, Courtney persists in his pursuit of justice, taking his case to federal court to reclaim what is rightfully his. Accused of 7th and 14th amendment violations and discriminatory practices, Courtney’s fight for his intellectual property rights mirrors the broader struggle for justice and equality in America’s legal system.

Macatizm has entered the entrepreneurial arena with the launch of an Ebook titled “Chef Courtney’s Legendary Homemade Barbecue Sauce.” This move reflects his diverse interests and highlights his ability to seize opportunities beyond the music industry.