Marlon Wayans Slams Katt Williams’ ‘Toxic’ Criticism of Black Male Comedians Wearing Dresses: ‘I Wore a Dress’


He was referring to the 2004 comedy that starred him and his brother, Shawn Wayans, portraying themselves as white women. Wayans added, “Only Black people sit there and go, ‘Man, our brothers wearing dresses.'”

Wayans also pointed out the double standards, saying, “Oh, so white people when they wear dresses… when Robin Williams wears a dress in ‘Mrs. Doubtfire,’ he’s brilliant. when Tom Hanks wears a dress in Bosom Buddies, oh, he’s brilliant. Right? When Dustin Hoffman wears a dress in Tootsie, he wins an Oscar.”

“Black people, soon as we put on a dress, we start tearing each other down. This is art, this is comedy. You think I’m gonna tear down Flip Wilson? You think I’m gonna tear down Tyler Perry? I’m not gonna tear down any of these brothers. It’s comedy, and we should embrace our comedy – all of it. We shouldn’t have one type of humor. We should embrace all of our humor.”

Wayans’ criticism comes after opening up about his trans son. The comedian discussed the “painful” journey at length during an appearance on The Breakfast Club last November.